Are you dis-stressed? Feeling overwhelmed?

If you have answered this question as a yes, you have come to the right place. My passion is teaching self-empowering techniques to manage stress and eliminate the dis-ease that accompanies it.

Wellness With Elsie

Energy Medicine with Elsie Kerns

Today’s Stress Induced Living means . . .

  • Rush hour traffic and meals on the run
  • Coping with environmental fallout from computers, cell phones, microwaves, etc.,
  • Wading through the daily influx of emails and volumes of information
  • Juggling job responsibilities with time for family, fun and relaxation.

Results . . . depletion of energy & burnout!

  • Compromised immune system
  • Dis-ease versus ease
  • Chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, carpel tunnel, cancer, heart disease and more
  • Rise in addictive behavior in an attempt to cope with the pressure.

Simple Stress Strategies teach you how to . . .

  • Keep Your Energies Humming before BURNOUT!
  • Create a daily routine to enhance, expand, focus & free up your energy
  • Protect your personal homeland security system – Your Immune System!
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Energize With Elsie

Free Up Your Energy! Elsie has been recognized for her expertise as an Intuitive Life Coach helping people uncover hidden unhealthy patterns and to recognize their unique talents.

Stress Management

Learn simple stress reduction strategies to keep your energies humming before BURNOUT! Create a daily routine to enhance, expand, focus & free up your energy.


Corporate Programs

The health of your company and its employees is crucial to productivity, sales, creativity and your bottom line! Creative solutions to problems that drain company resources, time and money.